Joel Salatin maakt het boeren bont


Masterclass in ‘total agriculture’ by Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin will offer 2 full days of teaching pure practical knowledge about his way of farming and running an agricultural enterprise.
Two days of genuine ‘Masterclass’, in which he will share extensively how the agricultural ecosystem of the family-run Polyface Farms is structured, and how it is functioning. The following subjects are scheduled: soil, grazing, health, cattle, poultry, pigs, rabbits. He will also pay attention to: forestry, water management, climate and compostingMoreover he will zoom in on his approach to direct marketing and the training of new generations of farmers



The Masterclass in Total Agriculture by Joel Salatin will focus on the what, why and how of the agricultural practice, and is therefore primarily targeted at farmers and other agro-entrepreneurs. Furthermore, this course is of interest to researchers, teachers, students, policy makers, rural developers and others engaged in agriculture, health, climate and sustainability.



Farm Zonnehoeve, Zeewolde, The Netherlands


Time schedule

May, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, 2014, 9.00-17.00 h.



Joel Salatin speaks (American) English; simultaneous translation into Dutch will be available on site. Salatin will cover as many aspects as possible of his polyculture system – technical, ecological, economical, social, educational, cultural – and share his knowledge and experience down to details. Hij is welcoming any questions you have, and is working tirelessly to transfer his revolutionary, and remarkedly integrated way of working. In all of this, his goal is to support others in realising good results, with maximum added value to themselves, the planet and the entire society.

All-in cost of participation
€ 250,- (incl. VAT)



Please register by email to with the full name(s) of the participants(s), and payment of the full course fee. Participation is definite only after successful payment.
Payment by transfer of full course fee to bank account (IBAN):
NL41TRIO0197 7417 54 owned by LeSS consultancy stating ‘Course Salatin’ and the full name(s) of the participants(s).



On both course days there will be coffee, tea, juices, and a fine organic lunch, incl. bread from the Zonnehoeve-bakery on site.



– At a later date participants will receive information about options for lodging in the area. Whoever needs this kind of accomodation can book on their own initiative, independent of the course administration.
– Books and DVDs by Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms will be on sale during the course; moreover those can be signed by Joel.

Background information 
The internet offers plenty of information on Salatin and Polyface Farms. A selection of films can be found on the Dutch tour homepage