Joel Salatin will offer two full days of teaching pure practical knowledge about his way of farming and running an agricultural enterprise. Two days of genuine ‘Masterclass’, in which he will share his extensive expertise on how the agricultural ecosystem of the family-run Polyface Farms – the Farm of Many Faces – is structured, how it is functioning, and how others can use the same principles and adapt them to their own situation.

In the course of these two days he will deal with a wide array of subjects: separately and in depth, and also, importantly, in their mutual relationships and as pieces of a greater whole. This is the level where the benefits of each element reinforce each other and generate the many different ‘pluses’ of an integrated living system. 

Among those subjects are: soil, grass, grazing management, cattle, poultry, pigs, rabbits, health of soil, animals and people . He will also pay attention to forestry, water management, climate and compostingMoreover he will zoom in on his approach to direct marketing and the training of new generations of farmers. And he does all this as an exceptionally inspired and inspirational entrepreneur, who has also written ten books by now, and travels the world because his story is in high demand. 

For whom?

This Masterclass by Joel Salatin will focus on the what, why and how of the agricultural practice, and is therefore primarily targeted at farmers and other agro-entrepreneurs. Furthermore, this course is of interest to researchers, teachers, students, policy makers, rural developers and others engaged in agriculture, health, climate and sustainability.

Joel Salatin speaks (American) English. There will be no simultaneous translation, yet whenever there is unclarity about terms, we will work it out right there together.

He welcomes any questions you have, and is working tirelessly to transfer his revolutionary and remarkedly integrated way of working to anyone who is willing to listen, stay curious and figure out what might work for him or her. In all of this, his goal is to support others in realising good results, with maximum added value to themselves, the planet and the entire society.




You can download the flyer here.


Please register at the section ‘Aanmelden‘ on the homepage. Use if you need help.


Times: Friday 20 April and Saturday 21 April, 9 am – 5 pm
Location: Farm De Boerinn | Mijzijde 6 | 3471 GM Kamerik |
Cost of participation: € 300, – including VAT
Included is also catering: lunch, coffee and tea + extras
Overnight accommodation: the area offers a variety of options, check them out via this link at the venue: De Boerinn

Previous events with Joel Salatin have filled up rapidly. This Masterclass is truly a unique opportunity to expand your vision and possibilities. Do not wait too long until you sign up.